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PIE TUTORS is a statistical consulting and data analysis services company for scholars and researchers. We provide a range of services to scholars and researchers including Experimental Design, Sample Size Estimation, Data Collection, Data Processing, Data Analysis, Hypothesis Testing, and Reporting.

The team at PIE TUTORS provides a full range of data analysis services to support your research work. Our statistical consultants are well equipped to understand your research needs. We ensure that your research work is executed successfully. Statisticians at PIE TUTORS are skilled in using R, SPSS, SAS, Splus, Minitab, AMOS, and other statistical analysis softwares.

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Data Analysis Services

Our first interaction usually involves a lot of listening. We try to get a thorough understanding about your research needs before making any suggestions. After this initial discussion, everything depends on your needs. Some clients just need advice and guidance; for them, three or four meetings may be sufficient. There are others who are looking for in-person working sessions; for them, we provide more in-depth assistance. We also do full data analysis and reporting for clients, as per need.

Statistical Consulting and Data Analysis Services.

Highly Experienced Team of Data Scientists and Statisticians.
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