Why Your Dissertation is so Important?

Your dissertation is the most important aspect of your life and you are yet to finish your dissertation, or else you won’t get the degree and the dream job that you are aspiring for. Besides, recall that your family and friends are probably in anguish while you complete your degree. At least, you yourself are in pain. Your physical condition may be deteriorating, you may have had to put aside all your interests, and you may have ignored your relationships, and so on as you mount this wall of your PhD. Your family & friends are anticipating on you to finish off your degree. Your body needs some rest and workout. And you are perhaps certainly overdrawn. The longer you delay your dissertation, there’s physical, mental, spiritual, and financial health at stake. It’s really silly to let your dissertation be the reason for all of this. So gear up for this and finish it and you can move ahead with your natural life. Therefor here are some suggestions for you to keep in your mind as you work hard for your dissertation.

While keeping your entire PhD chase in professional sense, the first point you should remember is that the whole idea of a PhD is to prepare you to join the school, to become a knowledge creator by way of self-governing arduous research. The painstaking steps that one has to follow to get a PhD are, starting with course work, exams, dissertation proposal, dissertation writing and at the end dissertation defense. A PhD undeniably transforms you from master to a creator of new knowledge. The Coursework is to enhance your mastery of subject. Comprehensive exams are assumed to determine, what you know and what you don’t know in this subject.  Dissertation proposal is something in which you propose to find out new knowledge through rigorous research and your dissertation itself is a knowledge contribution. Dissertation defense is the crucial part of earning your PhD, It is the moment when you back the quality of your research contribution to assert before your dissertation board that you too are creditable of joining their statuses as knowledge creator. The completion of your PhD signals that you are creator, explorer and discoverer of new knowledge and that now you hold your expertise in something.  And if you go to become a professor, you have the opportunity to demonstrate the mastery and indepthness of your knowledge.

The whole process of getting a PhD may sound you extensive and overwhelming; however it is comforting to see exactly what you are doing in this process at any given step. Comprehensive exams for example are quite nail-biting for many people however you must know that you are not trying to learn everything in universe. You are just trying to learn a few topics very so well that you can correlate to know that how various lines of opinions are in opposition with one another. In addition, you need to have expertise in topics to discover new things.

When it comes to dissertation, it should be all about creating new knowledge through a complete, self-supporting research study. It’s about creating a fresh piece of material to add to the stack so as to ascertain to a board of professors that you are skilled enough to continue making those pieces for the rest of your profession, without their close regulation. Consider, dissertation more like a lengthy article, if not a tiny book. Yet, for some reason, many grad researchers deem of their thesis as a manuscript they have to write. Nonetheless it isn’t.

In a typical thesis/dissertation, you have the following sections; (1) Introduction; (2) Literature review; (3) Method; (4)Results; (5)Discussion; (6)Conclusion; (7) limitations section . In a dissertation, you have all of these sections, except that Literature review and method section appear to be pointedly lengthy. And here’s why these two sections are stretched:

Literature review section is stretched in a dissertation as you’re attempting to exhibit a greater understanding of the discussions and tensions occurring in the subject, tracking the outlines of the discourse and recognizing the periphery of information that you’re intending to build upon. You’re also trying to explain the ideas you’ll be operationalising in your study, too. In a typical journal article, you just need to explain concepts in order to move on to method section to get results. However, in a dissertation, you not only need to explain things but also discover the concepts to its origin. Sometimes you may also have to describe the theoretical history of your subject; how you got to where you are today in your discipline.  Obviously, all of this is up to your board, obviously, nevertheless the point is that you ought to compose a lengthier literature section. However, the better way of doing this will be, writing an efficient journal article-type literature section and let your committee tell you where you have to expand. It’s simpler to write succinctly and be informed where to expand than to go on writing ceaselessly and be told where to cut. Remember that everything in the literature review needs to be relevant and you shouldn’t have just anything included to make it extensive. Aim for being exhaustive, but not lengthy.

The method section is generally expanded because in this you have to talk about both methodology and method. While in a usual journal article, you would only mention about the method. Methodology is nothing but discussing about methods that you are employing most of the time. In methodology, you try to justify about the use of a particular methodological approach in it. But, Method is all about the procedures that you are going to use in your present study.  Still, the better way of doing this will be, considering your methodology discussion and your method discussion as two different things. Write methodology first and then the method, and join them together.

Writing these two sections lengthier doesn’t mean that you need to write a 250-300+ book. No need to write lengthy dissertation just because you need to compete with your colleague who is doing it. There’s no glory in writing a long dissertation just because it’s the tradition at your university. Avoid the rat race and overlook traditions.  Just preserve your stamina, work upon it and finish. Write as much as is needed to accomplish your task and satisfy your board, and be happy.

Nevertheless, your whole dissertation process becomes much simpler and easier, if you can find an idea for a dissertation project relatively early on, may be during your course work that may help you focus each class paper toward your dissertation project. You can successfully work at the literature review and method sections through these small papers. On the other hand, you can accord your comprehensive exams to these sections of your dissertation. Don’t attempt comprehensive exam questions that are unrelated to your dissertation. In other words, don’t test different knowledge in comprehensive exams and then need to study a completely new thing to begin writing your dissertation. Whatever you are studying for comprehensive exams should also be important to your dissertation.

Your dissertation may also be the very worst thing you ever write. It may be the most unpolished and verbose and awful dissertation to read. However, the way of being very efficient at writing your dissertation is imagining your dissertation as “a product”. You can try to write your dissertation chapters as articles that can be sent out to journals. This will help you understand a chapter and move around and reassemble small modules into new articles later. You can also extract and set aside the extended modules from your literature review that you had to include to satisfy your committee and what’s left in the chapter can be sent out to a journal. Hence, your dissertation shouldn’t be a single master piece, but it should be a collection of potential publications. In fact, you can start sending your dissertation for publishing in journals even while you are still working on it. The job market expects the same from Ph.Ds. so why don’t you start now.

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