Why you require review of literature for your research?

If you look at any research paper or PhD thesis, you’ll always find a section on review of literature (ROL). This section is an essential component of any research work. It is impossible to carry out a research without the review of literature.

Let us look at some of the important roles of review of literature to get a better understanding about this section. ROL is useful in justifying your choice of research question, the theoretical or conceptual framework you choose for your research, and the research method. Further, this section in your research study plays an important role to highlight the importance of your research topic. Another vital role of this section is to give the audience or the reader a background information about your research study, which is very important for him/her to understand your research. Further, this section is very helpful in linking your study to the chain of research studies that are developing or have developed in your field. Lastly, this section show readers that you are familiar and up-to-date with the domain of your research.

In general, this section provides a historical overview about the theory and highlights the literature that is specific to your thesis topic. It also supports the arguments and proposition that are the foundation of your research, using the evidence from experts within your research domain. Lastly, it will not be inappropriate to say that it provides the bridge between the introduction of your research question or problem and the presentation of the original contribution in the area.

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