When to Hire a Statistician?

Statistician can help you excel in your research work!!
Many of my research clients come to me at a stage when they have tried out everything and still they are not getting accurate results. Most often, the underlying causes are issues in their data collection method, incorrect sample size, and use of incorrect method.

After listening their story and providing them the appropriate solution, I am frequently asked “When Should Have I Hired A Statistician For My Research Work?”

My answer is the sooner you hire a statistician the easier things will become for you. Ideally, once you have finalized your topic and once some initial review of literature is carried out, you should hire a statistician and start working with him. This will save you a considerable amount of your time at a later stage of your research, and you’ll not have to rewrite your research plan multiple times. And trust me, re-writing the same stuff again and again is quite frustrating.

Many times you may get your proposal approved by your research committee, even though there may be considerable issues in your research methodology. This may happen when there is no one in your research committee, with an advanced degree in statistics. In this situation, you may feel delighted initially, but at a later stage of your research work, you may find it difficult to continue with the proposed methodology. This may sometime result in complete waste of your work and might require you to start from beginning.

So, you should work with an experienced statistician, who can guide you through all phases of your research work.

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