Survey Data Analysis: Overview

Survey Data Analysis is often believed to be some sort of 'number crunching'. Though some number crunching is required for the analysis of Survey Data, but in real terms ‘Survey Data Analysis” is something less esoteric. The main purpose of data analysis is to explore hidden insights that can improve understanding and help in better decision making. Therefore, we can define “Survey Data Analysis” as a process of story telling using the survey results.

Our Methodology

Gathering information is just one facet of any survey study, other being analysis, interpretation, and reporting of the results. There are a variety of methods available for analyzing survey data, it may be a simple cross-tabulation or a complex statistical model. The use of any particular tool in a survey study will depend on the relationships you are trying to analyze. Thus, it is always wise to develop a data analysis plan, before finalizing data collection plans, to allow the sort of analysis one plans to use.

PIE TUTORS provide high quality survey data analysis services to help you uncover significant findings within our survey data and illustrate those findings through a wide range of charts and tables, which can be easily understood and interpreted. One of our key commitments at PIE TUTORS is to analyze your results and break the results into meaningful segments that can be used as the basis for key decisions. We understand that every individual has different requirements and different objectives to fulfill that need. In the past we have worked with scholars and researchers from different areas and we had the opportunity to offer consultation services on many aspects of survey data analysis. Our team of data analyst and statisticians can help you in analyzing any survey.