Your dissertation is the most important aspect of your academic career. It is important that you choose a statistical consultant who can offer you high quality service, meet your deadline, and offer you a fair price.

PIE TUTORS was setup with the objective to meet the market demand for a high-level statistical consultancy that is specialized in applying, understanding and developing statistical methods and models. We provide a framework for supporting statistical research and for applying statistical methods to scientific, social and economic problems. Our aim is to distinguish ourselves through the high quality of our work and through our contributions to statistical research and to the statistical profession.

PIE TUTORS provide statistical consultation and data analysis services to scholars, researchers, academicians, and non-profit organizations. Our consultants hold PhD and Master’s Degree in statistics, econometrics, mathematics, science, engineering, psychotherapy, medical and pharmacology. We are based in India and in the past we had the opportunity to work with clients from a wide variety of areas, including biology, biostatistics, business management, clinical trials, education, engineering, epidemiology, forest, linguistics, market research, nursing, psychology, social science, and veterinary medicine. We have been providing private statistical consulting services to researchers and scholars since 2008. In addition to our own expertise we are able to contract additional specialist statistical expertise, either local or overseas, as required.