Seminar: Scotland’s 2015 Electoral Landslide: Why it’s worse (or better) than you think?

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We would like to invite you to the next Leeds/Bradford Royal Statistical Society (RSS) meeting on Wednesday 21st September 2015. The meeting will be held at the University of Leeds and is entitled “Scotland’s 2015 electoral landslide: why it’s worse (or better) than you think”.

The meeting will be held in Lecture Theatre 11, Roger Stevens Building, University of Leeds, from 4-5pm with refreshments from 3:30pm in Garstang Building, Level 7, Room 7.41 (Campus map: No registration is required and everyone is welcome, membership of RSS is not required to attend.

Charles Pattie – Department of Geography, University of Sheffield

Scotland’s 2015 electoral landslide: why it’s worse (or better) than you think

Perhaps the most dramatic result on Election Night 2015 was the Scottish National Party’s rout of Labour in the latter’s previously rock-solid Scottish heartlands. Labour’s vote share fell steeply and the party lost 40 seats, returning just 1 MP. The SNP, meanwhile, surged, more than doubling their vote share, gaining an absolute majority of the Scottish vote (the first party to do so since the Conservatives in 1955) and taking 56 out of Scotland’s 59 seats. Dramatic though this was, however, it is only the surface manifestation of a much deeper and more dramatic story. Survey data reveals an almost unprecedented change not just in voting but in deeper political allegiances in Scotland. The tectonic plates of Scottish politics have shifted dramatically, with serious potential consequences for the entire UK.

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