Qualities of A Good Research Design

A research study can be understood as the process of collecting, analyzing and interpreting data to answer research questions. However, to quality as a good research study there are a set of desirable attributes that the research study is required to have. When you are designing your research project you should keep the following points in mind:

  1. Your research study (thesis or dissertation) design should be appropriate for the question (s) being asked and should address any important potential sources of bias.
  2. Your research study (thesis or dissertation) should have a pre-specified research plan or protocol. This is mainly because study design (which includes how data will be gathered, analyzed and managed), may eventually be made available to others.
  3. The research study that you plan to carry out should address relevant questions and should be designed either to add to existing knowledge about the subject or to develop methods for research into it.
  4. In order to execute your research study without any flaws, you should have all the necessary skills and experience.
  5. You should have sufficient resources (that meet all relevant standards) at your disposal to be able to carry out the proposed research study. These resources can be in the form of software availability, manpower, funds, or literature.
  6. You should assess in advance about any ethical issues, any legal requirements, or any kinds of risk involved in your study, to you or your health, safety and well-being of study participants.
  7. It is very import that you consider the dignity, rights, safety and well-being of all the participants in your research study.
  8. You must have a properly written research design ready; in case it is required by peer reviewers and journal editors while submitting it for publication.
  9. You should resolve any of the above mentioned issues (as far as possible) before you start your research.

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