What makes a Good Research Problem?

Good Research Problem: What is the Criterion?
One of the important aspects of any research is to make sure that the research is going in the right direction. Thus as a researcher, it is very important that you carefully define the set of research problems that you are going to address in your research. Without a clearly defined set of research questions, any research will lack the required momentum and will result in vague or poor findings. Though, finding the right set of research problems may take some time and effort, but it is one of the essential components of a good research. There are a certain set of attributes that characterize a good set of research problems:-

  • First, a good research problem is compelling, this means that the set of research problems that you choose should be important to you, as well as to a larger community that you belong to. In other words, the problem set you choose for your research must be motivating enough for you to address it legitimately.
  • The second attribute that characterize a good set of research problems is that it should support different point of views. As a rule of thumb, a good problem set should be able to generate different perspectives from a composite research community made up of temperate individuals. In other words, the problem must be expressed in a manner that avoids disagreement and rather supports the investigation of different viewpoints.
  • The third attribute that characterize a good set of research problems, is that, it must be re searchable. In other words, it is always better to choose a set of research problems that can be supported by the empirical data. Though this aspect seems quite obvious, but in the past, many researchers have realized, in the midst of their research, that they don’t have opportunities to conduct sufficient primary research.
  • Lastly, if your research problem deals with umbrella topics, it should be sufficiently complex. If your research deals with umbrella topic make sure that there is sufficient complexity in the research problems that your umbrella research includes. In addition, it is necessary that these research topics must relate strongly to one another in a way that there will be a strong sense of coherence.

In this article we explained you some of the important attributes that characterize a good set of research problems. If you have any comments or feedback related to this video, please share it with us in the comments section.

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