We at PIE TUTORS are strong proponents of the subject of statistics. We have listed some book related to this subject that can help you immensely improve your knowledge and understanding about the subject.
Freedman, Pisani, Purves and Adhikari. Statistics. WW Norton
Snedecor and Cochran. Statistical Methods. Blackwell Publishing
Box, Hunter and Hunter. Statistics for Experimenters. Wiley
Cochran. Sampling Techniques. Wiley
Box and Draper. Empirical Model-Building and Response Surfaces. Wiley
Chatterjee and Price. Regression Analysis by Example. Wiley
Cox and Snell. Applied Statistics, Principles and Examples. Chapman and Hall
Milliken and Johnson. Analysis of Messy Data 1: Designed Experiments. Chapman and Hall
Chambers, Cleveland, Kleiner, and Tukey. Graphical Methods for Data Analysis. Wadsworth
Tufte. The Visual Display of Quantitative Information. Graphics Press
Conover. Practical Nonparametric Statistics. Wiley
Lehmann. Non-Parametrics. Holden-Day
Cox and Snell. Analysis of Binary Data. Chapman and Hall
Everitt. The Analysis of Contingency Tables. Halsted
Krzanowski. Principles of Multivariate Analysis: A User’s Perspective. Oxford
Morrison. Multivariate Statistical Methods. McGraw-Hill
Box, Jenkins and Reinsel. Time Series Analysis: Forecasting and Control. Prentice-Hall.
Crowder and Hand. Analysis of Repeated Measures. Chapman & Hall
Collett. Modelling Survival Data in Medical Research. Chapman & Hall
Fleiss. The Design and Analysis of Clinical Experiment. Wiley
Christopher Chatfield. Problem Solving: A Statistician’s Guide. Chapman and Hall
Derr. Statistical Consulting: A Guide to Effective Communication. Duxbury Press