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Experience:-  0 – 2 years
Description:-  The successful candidate will be required to be a self-starter with good knowledge about different concepts of statistics; as well as possess strong experience in developing, implementing, and maintaining predictive statistical models using modeling techniques including but not necessarily limited to logistic regression, survival analysis, neural networks, and decision trees. Excellent interpersonal skills, and professionalism and self- awareness; as well as the ability to communicate comfortably with all levels of staff and management are a must. The candidate’s primary duty will be the design and implementation of forecast models, decision trees, and other statistical models.


  1. Master degree or Ph.D. in highly quantitative major such as applied mathematics, computer science, statistics or related experience required, advanced degree preferred.
  2. Experience in applying statistical techniques to large scale, cross-sectional data sets to create solutions to business problems.
  3. A good knowledge of data analysis, theory and multivariate statistical techniques (e.g. Logistic Regression, neural networks, and CHAID/CART).
  4. Passionate about data analysis and how this contributes to the business.
  5. Excellent communication skills with ability to convey performance implications of complex technical systems to general business audiences.